Tuesday, December 1, 2015

as of january 1st 2016, i will be operating out of a private studio in downtown vancouver, bc, canada.

i would like to take this opportunity to put a big thank you to my good friend chad woodley and the good guys from sanitary electric co.
you guys are truly awesome, and i will be ever grateful for the fun times and great experiences i had over the past several months with you.

today i am starting to book appointments for january to end of april 2016.
these appointments are just for vancouver, not for upcoming trips to the eu or elsewhere.
i will post about those at a different time.

a few projects i would be highly interested in doing (and probably put first in line)
-harpies(bird/woman creature)
-anything wolves
-witches  and norse mythology figures and creatures
-medieval things as knights, armour and weaponry
-anything birds (preferably birds of prey and corvids)
-mythical horses (such as unicorns, kelpies, etc)

if this interests you, please email to:

please include:
-general idea
-photo of area to be tattooed if other pieces are around the desired area
-contact info
-dates that would well for you
(if it is a bigger piece like backs or sleeves, 
i also need to know how regular you are planning to come in)
-where you are from

all existing clients have priority over new projects, which means i will book those clients first, before giving appointments to new customers.

thank you.