Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brighton...and a long overdue update.

i wish i could surprise you.
but as most of you people know how much i always liked coming out to the uk, and brighton in particular, it was just a natural decision to move here when i grew tired of travelling.the city is beautiful,   people are great, and being close to the sea is the icing on the cake.

as i write this, i am in the middle of setting up a private place, easy to reach from anywhere,as brighton is also close to gatwick airport (for those who travel...) and also getting prepared for the brighton tattoo convention.

as far as the convention goes, i will have a bunch of pre-drawn sketches, no appointments will be made, first come first served. i can't really figure out a way to make it even easier than this, although my apologies to the people that i had to turn down in the past due to the high demand...even though it is this way to get tattooed by me at conventions, i can just tattoo so much in the time frame given.
for those of you who are not aware of this yet, other than the past years, the convention this year takes place in downtown brighton, close to everything. it will be the first year in the new venue, but i think woody did outdo himself once again, and made this convention a show to remember.
excited to take part in this!

that is it for now.
i wish everyone a great time at the convention and i hope to see a lot of you.
have a good day.